Best Laptop for Non-Gamers

When buying a new laptop, everyone has a set of expectations that they want to get from the device. Some of the evident and understood features you should never miss out on when buying the best laptop for non-gamers are discussed below:

The portability

Portability is one most important things that you would need in your professional laptop because if you miss that, then there is no reason for choosing a laptop over the desktop systems. Make sure you find one slim, sleek and lightweight laptop with all the other required features so that you can carry it along anywhere you go to have your professional carrier with you all the time.

Battery life

Battery life is another unforgettable feature you should see. However, an average non-gaming laptop battery offers around 8-10 hours of performance with maximum features and advanced professional functions. You may find a better option with a bit of a high price tag as well.

Specialized Keyboard and keys

Most of the laptop titled as professional beasts come with macro key functions to access the typing functions. The Keyboard having the colored backlit is a feature of most of the best professional laptops. Most of the high-quality non-gaming laptop offers customized essential functions, low profile tactile, and mechanical function for more accessible and better control.

The display screen

The display screen of the laptop for non-gamers you have to use for your writing and professional experience is not the same as for the gaming laptop. Because you need a more comprehensive, clearer, and better view, you may look for a 4K display, touch screen display options, and other things like that. The screen width also matters a lot as you can find most of the writing laptops having the screen size range around 15 inches to 17 inches, or sometimes there could be more or less than that. This allows better vision and control as well as offers an in-depth view of the writing zone.

In addition to the size and type of the screen, you may also look for anti-glare technology to not miss out on the details no matter which light conditions surround you while writing.

Processor and speed

Most of the high-quality non-gaming laptop features the latest Core i8 processor inside for smoother and faster performance and speed. You cannot compromise on less than that as it will affect your browsing speed and smoothness as well.


You cannot categorize a laptop as the best laptop for daily use without sharp graphics and distinct colors. Some of the best laptop for non-gamers today offers 1060 or 1050 GTX NVIDIA for the desktop-grade graphics experience.

You should look for those with NVIDIA GTX GeForce graphics systems to get indulged in the close-to-life graphics for a better writing experience.

Look for the laptops that offer an immersive sound system. You can also find a non-gaming laptop with subwoofers and a stereo system.

Storage and memory

Storage, memory, speeds, and capacity also matters a lot. You should have sufficient RAM and memory storage. Look for DDR4 or DDR5 SSD and other storage and memory information to ensure you have the most applicable features.

Cooling system

A cooling system is one added and most important feature that keeps the laptop cool enough. You will have to look for it if you are planning to use it for hours. The best laptop for non-gamers offers customized cooling fans that have adjustable speed. You can adjust fans as per your need, or you may have a preset cooling system that keeps the laptop away from heating up issues.

Other special features

You may also look for the additional storage option, USB ports, thunderbolt3 port, wireless connectivity, and other such options to see if you will be using it without any issue related to functioning speed and data storage options.

You may also have to look for the features that add a boost to the processing. Web browsing and live streaming options found in a laptop assure you to enjoy your entertainment time

All the elements of a computer are essential, and their degree of importance is concerning the use that is going to be given. But as a general rule and for everyday use, we should look at three fundamental elements. These are the processor, the screen, and the memory (Ram and storage).

The processor is the computer’s brain and the component that will be in charge of sending instructions to the other components so that the tasks are executed correctly. Therefore, regardless of use, this part will be essential, and we should not skimp on it.

It is not advisable to go for computers with old or very low-end processors.

According to our team, the second most crucial component of the laptop will be the screen since, through it, we will see all the information that circulates through our team reflected and materialized. Having a good resolution screen with good colors will provide us with a better user experience, less wear and tear and a longer reading time without suffering red eyes or other eyestrain symptoms.

Finally, the RAM and the internal memory are two elements that cannot be left behind. With a good ram memory, we will have the ability to operate several tasks simultaneously without unexpected crashes.

This type of “OS” changes significantly in usability

Windows (Microsoft)

“Windows OS” is an OS developed by Microsoft in the United States. It is adopted by many PC manufacturers and boasts the highest share in the world. Therefore, the number of compatible software and peripherals is interesting. It is used in various places such as companies and schools.

Some business software only supports Windows OS, so it is highly recommended for business applications.

Mac OS (Apple)

Mac OS is an operating system developed by Apple, which is famous for creating innovative devices such as iPhone and iPad. It features a sophisticated design and simple operation. It’s only available on your own desktops and laptops, like the iMac and MacBook Airs.

It is recommended for those who use company devices because the data link between Apple products is convenient.

Chrome OS (Google)

It is an OS developed by “Google” which is famous for its search engine. This is characterized by the use of familiar applications such as Android smartphones. It works comfortably even with low-cost models with little load on the PC. Data is also stored in the cloud, eliminating the need for large storage capacities.

However, only Google’s services can be used, so if you are considering buying, please keep that in mind.

“CPU performance” dramatically affects the specs and the price

The CPU is an essential part of your laptop’s overall performance. The famous Intel Core I series. The higher the number as a Core i3 / i5 / i7 / i9, the higher the performance.

Also, if you want to focus on battery life, go for a mobile CPU. “Core i5-10310Y” etc. with Y and U at the end is power-saving type. Also noteworthy is the AMD Ryzen series, which has recently become famous for its costa.

“Storage type” and capacity for storing data

There are two main types of storage: SSD and HDD. Their high access speed characterizes SSDs, and their capacities around 256GB are mainstream. On the other hand, HDDs are slower in speed than SSDs, but attractive because of their large capacity and low costs, such as 1TB or more.

Both storage, combined with matching Optane memory, increase access speed, so if you’re looking for more convenience, check them out.

Large “memory capacity” is essential for crisp movements

Memory serves as a workplace for the CPU as well as its tasks. The bigger the capacity, the smoother the job, and the faster the laptop is processed. 4GB is fine if you value the price, but if you want to use it more comfortably, the 8GB model is recommended.

Also, if you mainly use expensive Gaming and video editing, choose a model with a large memory of 16GB or more.

Easy-to-read “screen size” and “resolution.”

Laptops with larger screens are easier to see but tend to be heavier. If you carry it around a lot, we recommend the 13-inch model that balances visibility and portability. On the other hand, 13 to 15-inch products are suitable for suspended use.

Also, if you want to enjoy watching games and videos to your heart’s content, it is crucial to choose a size suitable for your application, such as large screen models 15 inches or more.

Choose a “lightweight laptop” if you want to carry it with you

If you have many opportunities to carry your laptop, make sure you check your weight too. If you want to use it to travel to work or school, we recommend the light model of 1.3 pounds or less. Comfortable because it is challenging to be a burden on the arms and shoulders. Many sleek and stylish products make them huge in your bag or backpack.

In addition, light products weighing less than 1 pound are also sold. If you’re more focused on portability, check out.

“Battery life” for on-the-go use

If you frequently use your laptop while traveling, checking the battery life is also an important point. One of the standards is that it can operate for more than 8 hours at full charge. Even if you work in an outlet-free environment all day long, you don’t have to worry about the remaining battery level.

In addition, if the model is equipped with a fast-charging function, it is helpful because it can charge to a certain extent in a short time. It is possible to get out immediately as it can fill up quickly at rest time.

Presence or absence of “Office” business software

“Office” is a convenient software that integrates Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. It is no exaggeration to say that it is essential for business scenes, such as creating reports and creating presentation materials.

If you have a laptop that shipped with Office software, you can use it immediately after purchase. In addition, it can be used conveniently for university students, such as school reports.

“Graphics performance” is essential for the game and video editing

If you primarily play games and video editing, we recommend a GPU-equipped model. GPUs are processors that specialize in graphics processing and can reduce CPU load.

As a result, your laptop’s processing power is increased, so you can run comfortably and draw beautiful 3D graphics smoothly. Nvidia’s GeForce series and AMD’s Radeon series are popular, so have a look.

“Numeric keyer” functions to enter numbers

If you have lots of opportunities to enter numbers, check out the numeric keypad. It’s easier because calculations and input jobs to Excel sheets can be done efficiently. It is also recommended for those who use financial software.

Keep in mind, however, that a thin-lock model has the disadvantage of being larger and heavier. If you want to increase workability without sacrificing portability, you can also purchase an external key with a USB connection.

How much storage do I need?

Mechanical hard drives can be found usually 500g or 1000GB, while the SSDs usually mounted in sizes of 128 and 256GB. It depends on the use you are going to make of the computer, you will need more or less space. If it is for office automation use, with 128GB of SSD, it can be helpful since we can store data such as photos or documents in the cloud. If we are going to use it to play, the best thing is to opt for a model that mounts an SSD of at least 256 GB or a combination of both types of disk.

It should be borne in mind that the cheapest laptops, those that usually cost around € 250 or less, usually have a capacity of 32-64GB, which will significantly limit their intensive use. In addition, many of them do not have the possibility of expanding said storage space.


The binomial of death. The Lucas Vázquez and Marcos Asensio of Informatics. Together with the microprocessor, the RAM is the essential element to have a fluid and fast computer.

The RAM stores the information that needs to be consulted immediately. For us to understand each other, we could liken it to a “temporary” hard drive. The big difference is that everything that the RAM had stored is lost when we turn off the computer.

The higher the RAM, the more fluid. That said, Laptops with 8GB of RAM are our friends. Find a Laptop with 8 GB of RAM and the possibility of expanding memory, and you will have the middle choice made.

The hard drive

The things clear and the chocolate thick. There is no doubt. We want an SSD!! We love SSDs. We love SSDs. We have no doubt the SSD HARD DRIVE between a solid SSD hard drive and Scarlet Johanson or Mario Casas! They are like a chubby man making a nightly foray into the pantry, seen and unseen. Speed, consumption, internal temperature … nothing has been the same since we met SSD hard drives and integrated them into our laptops, don’t you believe me? Check out this ASUS video where they use a great ASUS Laptop. What is the difference? One computer uses a conventional HDD hard drive and the other a solid drive SSD… No color.

I know. We touch the heavy. But there is no doubt. We must equip our laptop with 256Gb SSD. Are you a movie addict? Do you even save the receipts for your first baby food? No problem! If at any time you need it, there is the possibility of buying an external disk or even a NAS server.

We want a competent laptop, fast, hard, fluid, and with the maximum guarantees. At 256 GB, we have plenty of space, almost as much as in an 80 square meter flat.

Is Battery Important?

Like going to the bathroom and not having paper, the battery is essential in the Notebook! Without it, we lose the essential characteristic of the team. PORTABILITY.

And the Weight?

If the laptop is not separated from you all day, if you transport it like a baby, from one place to another, weight is an essential characteristic when choosing the laptop. It is not the same to carry a computer that does not exceed two pounds as to carry a beast of five or six pounds, no matter how powerful it is. If you are not the Hulk and do not want to become some kind of modern Hunchback of Notre Dame, it is best to decide on light and handy equipment. Your back will thank you

And the manufacturer?

Ayyyyyy friend! We just hit bone! The manufacturer…

Here more factors come into play than players in a football game. We have to take into account a multitude of elements. The quality of the materials, the technical service, and the after-sales service are perhaps the most important and the ones that can cause the most headaches for mere mortals like us.

We are going to give an example so that we understand each other. ACER.

We love Acer Laptops. We are in love with Acer notebooks. We would marry an Acer laptop and have a dozen Acer children. I have an Acer Laptop that I use for the day-to-day, which meets the characteristics we are talking about. It’s hard. It is reliable. It is a great computer. But never, never, NEVER, no matter how hard, reliable, and great computer it is, do you feel on top of it

I digress … what I was going to do! Acer Laptops.

Until a few years ago, ACER was the clear example of what an after-sales service should NOT be. It was an absolute disaster! Every time we sold an Acer laptop, we prayed to the Good God of laptops while performing the well-known “Dance of the Good Laptop” in his honor, all intending to try to appease the Bad God of laptops and that he would not create problems in the team. If he gave them, we had a severe problem.

But what did Acer do? I listen to our prayers, grab the laptop by the horns and create my own technical service without depending on third parties. He managed his own technical service from Barcelona, ​​and it began to be a synonym for efficiency. Believe me; what seems like an insignificant step for a company the size and features of Acer, for us, for the customers, it was a significant advance. An unimaginable progression a few months earlier. Currently, you have a problem with your laptop, and is it within the warranty period? Does the warranty cover this problem? The laptop is repaired directly by the manufacturer itself.

What manufacturers do we recommend? Difficult. In no specific order, really good, and taking into account the characteristics that we have been talking about for a while, ACER, ASUS, DELL, HP, Toshiba are all great brands with great equipment on the market.

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